College Scholarships For Women

There are almost endless opportunities for women to find scholarships, grants, and related education awards so that they can combat those growing college costs. As you explore our website, you will learn that college scholarships for women come in many flavors and part of your mission is to become much more acquainted with how you can identify scholarship opportunities, but also just what might be the most optimum ways you can put some of the scholarship money in your pocket. So lets get started first with discovering the easiest, hassle free ways to improve your chances of being awarded education dollars.

Some of the best scholarship offerings with a quick turnaround are online scholarships.  If you take a good look around our website, you will find numerous opportunities and prospects.   We strongly encourage you to tap into these offerings.  The scholarship and grant offerings that cost you nothing to apply for should be among the first your pursue.   Billions of dollars are pumped into the scholarship industry each year by universities, colleges,  organizations, private companies, public corporations, and municipalities, states, and the federal government.  The road to college scholarships for women is paved with many avenues to success if you are a willing traveler.  So by all means, apply for as many scholarships as you can, particularly those that are set up online.  And don’t worry if you are not an exact match, get you name in the running.  Think of yourself as a prospector.  The more college scholarship prospects and leads you can generate, the better your chances become in winning scholarship and/or grant money.

Scholarships For Women By State

One of the most effective methods for applying for scholarships is to obviously look at the different scholarships that your state is offering. You will find that each state has different application requirements. Also, another interesting factor that we have found when compiling a list of the very best scholarships on a “by state” basis is the fact that each state has some very unique scholarships only to that state. For example, there are some scholarships that can be found in Massachusetts that are unique only to Massachusetts. However, one common factor that you will find throughout the United States is that in order to obtain the scholarships from your state you have to be signed up for FAFSA (Financial Aid Program run by the U.S. Department of Education). We encourage all of our visitors to sign up for FAFSA as it can only help you. Plus you get to become eligible for a number of scholarships as a result. If you are interested in finding scholarships specifically for your state then visit our “by state” section above in the navigation bar or find your state on the map we have put together below.

The Gateway To Scholarships For Women

To be a successful scholarship prospector, you need to think and act strategically. This is a critical step in your search strategy for a scholarship. As you will learn, there are many, many scholarships available to current college students or prospective college students each year. There are many millions of dollars awarded in scholarships annually. To be successful in landing a scholarship you need to do at least two important things. First, you need to compile a list of the various college scholarships that are of interest to you. Here at “Scholarships For Women Online” we strive to both inform you and get you in touch with how to proceed to start the application process. So preparing your Hit List is no insignificant matter. The more the better. The second important success factor is PERSISTENCE. You are of course not alone in your quest to be awarded a scholarship. Often, those that are successful are those that have striven to inform themselves the most….those that conducted the most due diligence….that have the longer list of scholarship leads…. and that invest the time and demonstrate the persistence to apply for many scholarships. It is not unusual for these individuals to be awarded more than one scholarship.

It is not always the early bird that gets the worm in the scholarship hunt. Rather, its often the individual who understands that its a numbers game to a large extent. So if you have arrived at this website and seek to better your chances of being awarded a college scholarship, then by all means take a good luck around. We have provided many, many articles with scholarship ideas and have divided these articles into categories to help you refine your search. You will see displayed throughout the website many offerings with a focus on scholarships for women, scholarships for moms, and scholarships for single mothers. Spend some time and learn about what is available and begin the process of compiling your Hit List! Below is a sampling of some of the scholarships.

Exploring College Scholarships For Women!

  • Women in Transition Scholarship (
  • Emerge Scholarships: focused on providing scholarships to women who experience an interruption and/or faced a difficult obstacle to their educational pursuits, but have striven to give back to their community.
  • Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund: available to women who have completed high school or who have obtained their GED.

Scholarships for Moms!

  • Women Helping Women (PEO): this organization is a philanthropic educational organization and was founded all the way back in 1869. They help moms with scholarships, education awards, and financial assistance. This 250,000 member strong organization is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Patsy Takemoto Mink Foundation: supports lower income mothers and provides educational enrichment for children.

Scholarships for Single Mothers!

  • Single Mother Opportunity Awards: given to mothers who have assumed the primary responsibilities for their family.…/awards.html
  • Sunshine Lady Foundation: this non profit organization is dedicated to moms who have experienced difficult times and desire to raise themselves up from their adversity. Doris Buffet founded the organization in 1996 and has donated over $100 million to the cause.

Other Education Awards!

  • PELL Award- This education award can offer up to $5,550 for students in need of financial aid and unlike a loan it doesn’t need to be paid back!!
  • FSEOG- The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Program provides need based Education Awards to undergraduate students. Visit their site to learn more about how you can apply for this Education Award.
  • SMART Education Award- The Nation Smart Education Award awards up to $4,000. Visit their site to learn more about the requirements to apply for this Education Award.


As you can see there are a lot of college scholarships that you can apply for out there. But the few that we described above is just the tip of the iceberg. We encourage you to look around our site and to begin compiling your Hit List of scholarships and other education awards. Come back and visit us again and again as we update our content of new offerings. It is persistence that will better your odds of receiving not just one, but multiple scholarships. Best of luck with all your efforts.