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Our main goal on this site is to help women find the scholarships that really interest them. We have created multiple pages with many different types of scholarships in an effort to really create a valuable resource for you. However, one thing we began noticing when we did research on all the different scholarships out there is that a lot of them are state based. So, we decided to begin creating pages that focus only on scholarships as they relate to the states. This is actually one of those pages. This one focuses on all the scholarships found in West Virginia.

We discuss a variety of different topics but our main focus is to find help for you in West Virginia. Any form of financial aid for college that we were able to find in West Virginia you will be able to locate on this page. However, before we get into that why don’t you take a look at one of our most popular types of scholarships.

Financial Aid In West Virginia

One of the most important steps in our mind when it comes to planning for college is making sure that you are signed up for financial aid. We like to recommend a few popular sites for that. FAFSA is probably the most well known site but we have also found a scholarship application for those of you in West Virgnia. You can find a link to that here.

Popular Scholarships In West Virginia

We like to do something a bit different here at Scholarships For Women Online. Rather than list out a lot of boring scholarships. We list out the most valuable scholarship resources that are currently available for those who are willing to apply for scholarships. You can find a list of those resources below:


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