By Weirdness

Believe us, there are some really weird scholarships out there, more specifically, there are some really weird scholarships for girls out there. This section of our site is dedicated to any scholarship that may make you think “Wow, that is one weird scholarship.” We really don’t have any strict rules on what constitutes an unusual scholarship other than the fact that you have to do something strange to get it or it just sounds strange. You will find scholarships that make you make a prom dress out of duct tape and scholarships that require you to talk to ghosts, we know that is weird!  This category is one of our visitor favorites for a number of reasons.  Yes, sometimes we need a good launch and you won’t be spare a good chuckle when you check out some of these oddities.

Why The Weird

But there is a real practical reason for why one should spend some quality time in this scholarship ocean of the weird.  You see, while some folks just keep on laughing, other more enterprising individuals will start to take stock and think about things in an equally weird way.  For example, would it not be weird that hardly anyone apply for these scholarships, because they are too busy laughing at them.  Well that would not be so weird at all, but fairly common place.  So you might be advised to make some room on your portfolio of scholarship offerings.

Starting You Investigation Into The Weird

At this stage of the scholarship quest, you should be looking for ways to add to your total of scholarships you plan to apply for.  Trust, you will find literally hundreds of them all around our site and so if you have pen in hand and some time to invest in a worthwhile project, get ready for a wild ride down the road of the weird.  So here we go.  Here is what we have found thus far in the weird world of scholarship money opportunities.

Unusual Scholarships For Women