It is no surprise that college tuition is on the rise. Financial aid just isn’t helping out enough anymore.  As a result, many men and women are forced to look at alternative methods to pay for their schooling. One of the most popular methods that people are turning to is applying for and winning scholarships.

Obviously, this entire site is dedicated to helping women find scholarships. So, you can be assured that if you look hard enough you will be able to find a scholarship that fits your needs on this site. However, one thing that we noticed a lot of our peers were failing to do is to have a state by state list of scholarships.

So, in an effort to provide more value to our visitors we decided that we would start covering the scholarships available in the states. Today we will be covering the scholarships for women available in Michigan.

Scholarships For Women In Michigan

This may come as a shock to some but Michigan is actually one of the best states for scholarships that we have ever researched. Now, when most sites say something like that it is just to spark interest but we actually really mean it. We found so many scholarships in the state of Michigan that even we were shocked. Since we can’t feature every single scholarship that we found on this page we decided to only show you the ones that we felt were the cream of the crop, the very best ones that we think you can have a legitimate shot at winning. Lets take a look at those now:

  • Cancer Survivor Scholarships- We decided to throw this in because it is not only inspirational but it is for those who are going to college in Michigan or Indiana. Visit the link we have provided if you are a cancer survivor that is living or planning on going to college in Michigan or Indiana. You will find the requirements and application on the page that we have provided a link to.
  • Michigan Scholarship- Win between $100 to $1,300 by applying for this scholarship. Remember, you must be a member of a Michigan college to apply. You must also be considered an undergraduate to apply for this.
  • Michigan Scholarship Search- Looking for Michigan scholarships? We happened to find the ultimate Michigan scholarship search engine. You can find all sorts of scholarships only in Michigan by simply clicking on the link we have provided.
  • High School Scholarships For Michigan Students- Just like the title sounds this is a site that offers scholarships to high school graduates in Michigan. This is actually a pretty competitive scholarship as it offers $20,000 4 year scholarship to one high school senior and $15,000 scholarships to undergraduate students. Check it out because although it is a bit more competitive the reward is much greater.

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