Do you live in Alabama? Have you graduated from high school? Are you looking to attend college? If you answered yes to all of these questions then there is a high probability that you will be looking for some form of financial aid. Whether it be scholarships, free scholarships or student loans, Scholarships For Women Online is here to help.

We have compiled one of the largest lists of scholarships and grants pertaining to women. This page is going to be focusing in on scholarships for women who live in Alabama. We are well aware that with the rising costs of college tuition it is becoming more and more challenging for low income students to attend college. As a result, we had decided to expand this page to not only focus just on scholarships but other forms of financial aid for college including free scholarships and student loans. So, if you have an interest in scholarships or grants and you live in the Alabama area then this is a page that you should bookmark.


Scholarships In Alabama

If you live in Alabama and you are looking to go to college then this section may be of particular interest to you. We have been able to locate some of the best scholarships for women hailing from Alabama. We have featured those in the list below. So, if you are interested in receiving a scholarship from the state of Alabama then you should pay attention to this particular section.

Alabama Student Grant Program- We have provided a link to a Google search. You will notice that the #1 result is a PDF file containing the general information on the Alabama grant program. If you are an undergraduate student that is attending school on a half time to full time basis then you will probably be interested in this grant since you are eligible to apply for it.

JSU Alabama Power Scholarships- You may notice that the link we have provided is to Jacksonville State University which hails from Alabama. Therefore, this particular grant is specifically for students who are attending JSU. The link itself takes you to a page with the thousands of scholarships that JSU is offering for this school year. It will tell you all about the requirements for each individual scholarship and what your specific area of study needs to be.

ASTA Scholarships- This is a good resource to use if you are interested in obtaining a number of scholarships to a number of different states including Alabama. The requirements for each scholarship listed on this page can vary so you are going to have to actually visit the resource to learn more about the scholarships being offered.

ESA Marsh Scholarship- If you are interested in receiving up to $8,000 for college then you should pay attention to this scholarship. Make sure you check out the site to learn more about the requirements for this grant. Enjoy!


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