One of the major problems that we see in the scholarship industry is the lack of guidance for the visitors that are actually looking to get money for college. Too often have we stumbled across sites that blindly throw scholarships up without giving it’s visitors a plan for actually getting those scholarships.

As a result, we have decided to try something new today. We are dedicating this page to helping the women of Colorado obtain the assistance that they require to go to college. We will be giving them a step by step process to follow that will give them a high chance of acquiring a scholarship for college. Of course, nothing is guaranteed in this world so we can’t promise you that you will win one but if you gather enough information and stay informed your chances of obtaining one will greatly increase. Just remember that when it comes to scholarships it is a numbers game. The more scholarships that you sign up and apply for the better your chances of winning one become. Anyways, lets take a look at what we think your first step should be.

Helpful Sites For Students In Colorado

In our search to find scholarships only pertaining to the state of Colorado we naturally stumbled across some very helpful sites for students in Colorado. We have set aside this section specifically for those of you who want a long list of scholarships in Colorado (Yes, longer than our list because we pick and choose the cream of the crop). So, all the sites that you see listed below have extensive lists of scholarships and grants for students in the Colorado area.

Colorado Scholarship Directory- This is just as it sounds, a directory of scholarships for students looking to attend college in the Colorado area.

Scholarships For Colorado Residents- This is probably one of the best sites for listing scholarships in Colorado. When we last checked we counted over 31 different scholarships. They have scholarships for women, men, gay, straight and just about any other type of scholarship you can imagine. This is truly a great resource.

The Cream Of The Crop

We always like to feature a few great scholarships here on Scholarships For Women Online. Today we will be featuring the cream of the crop when it comes to scholarships for Colorado residents. This means that our professionally trained staff searched the internet for the very best scholarships in Colorado and came up with the following list. We do want to point out that this list is only meant for people who are currently living or attending college in the state of Colorado. If you are from another state or looking for scholarships specifically for other states then make sure you check out “Scholarships For Women By State” section in the category tabs above. There you can find all the scholarships we are featuring on a state by state basis.

Colorado Masons Scholarship- The Colorado Mason Benevolent Fund has been handing out one of the best scholarships for Colorado students for years. You can win up to $7,000 per year (renewable after each year) by applying and winning this scholarship.

Colorado Scholarship Finder- Ok, so this isn’t technically a scholarship but it sure as heck is one great resource. It is a scholarship finder boiled down to the state of Colorado. Basically, it is like the ultimate scholarship search engine but designed for Colorado.

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