Kansas is a very interesting state when it comes to scholarships. A lot of states out there limit their scholarships and specialize them so that only a certain amount of people that meet a certain criteria can apply for them. However, Kansas has thrown this logic out of the window and made their scholarships available for just about anyone who is looking for financial assistance. Of course, there are a certain number of scholarships that do limit the amount of people that can apply but for the most part Kansas scholarships are open to all.

We highly recommend that you visit Kansas’ chief financial aid site to obtain more information about the financial aid that you may be eligible to receive. You can visit that site by clicking this link: Kansas Financial Aid Sit

Kansas College Scholarships

It is important that you gather as many scholarship sources as you can when applying for scholarships. No, this usually isn’t the funnest thing to do but it is what is going to give you an edge over the competition applying for your selected scholarships. The scholarship they are applying for may be the only one that actually have on their list while your list will be full of backup plans.

Luckily, we have made your search for Kansas scholarships much easier. We have gone through the web and found the very best scholarships that Kansas has to offer and put them in the list you see below.

(Side Note: The list you see below is a combination of helpful sites and actual scholarships.)

  • Kansas Board Of Regents- This is a site we found that helps incoming students find a scholarship. It features scholarships by major, by grade and general Kansas scholarships. We counted a total of 16 different college scholarships with links straight to a PDF application form.
  • Kansas State University Scholarships- This is a link to a list of premier scholarships offered by Kansas State University. Each scholarship featured on this page provides a link with more information on the application requirements and even information on the application itself.
  • Cappex Kansas Scholarships- We just found this site very helpful when we were looking around for scholarships in Kansas. It is basically a website that lists out the most popular scholarships found in Kansas.


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