Grants For Women Going Back To School


If you are a woman looking for a grant to attend school then you came to the right place. Here at Scholarships For Women we have put together a list to help all kinds of women obtain the necessary funds to attend college. We encourage you to browse through our site since it is impossible to cover all the great scholarships and grants in just one small article.

You can find many more women related scholarships on this site so make sure that you make it a priority to explore all of your scholarship opportunities. With all of this in mind, lets begin talking about grants for women going back to school.

Free Scholarships for Women Going Back to School

As a woman you are eligible to apply for a lot of great free scholarships. Here at Scholarships For Women we characterize a free scholarship as any type of scholarship that you can apply for with no strings attached. The list that follows are our recommendations on which scholarships that we think you should take a look at now as you prepare to raise funds for your education.

  • Scholarships For Working Adults
  • Scholarships For Moms

Grants For Women Going Back To School

On top of the free scholarships there are a lot of great scholarships out there for you to apply for that are specifically geared towards women wanting to return to school. One popular scholarship that comes to mind here is the Janette Rankin Foundation Scholarship. This is a scholarship that was designed for women over the age of 35 and in low income situations to apply for. As long as they can show they are serious about succeeding in college they could receive a grant of up to $2,000. Of course, the American Association of University Women are always offering scholarships through their offices so make sure that you do some research to see if they are offering a scholarship for you to apply for.

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