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If you currently live in North Carolina then we are here to tell you that you are truly in luck when it comes to scholarships. There are a number of great financial aid opportunities available for students who hail from North Carolina.

It is obvious that the state has done an incredible job of creating a network of scholarships and grants that will help it’s less financially stable students find a way to pay for college. Since this is a site mostly about women we have decided to focus only on the scholarships that pertain to women in the North Carolina area.

However, this doesn’t mean that we will only be listing out scholarships for our visitors. We know that many of our visitors are in desperate need of aid for college so we are going to provide every single bit of financial aid information that we can. So, we will be including all kinds of methods for obtaining money for school. Lets take a look at one of the most popular methods now, free scholarships.


Grants For Women In North Carolina

In addition to financial aid the state of North Carolina has set up a number of grants designed to help students come up with the necessary funds to attend college. We have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the very best scholarships that we could find that related to the North Carolina area.

(We are not affiliated with any of the scholarships you see below we are merely recommending them due to the fact that they have met our high standards.)

CFNC- Each year North Carolina and the federal government work together to give away over millions of dollars to students attending college. If you are planning on attending a North Carolina school for college then you are eligible to apply for many of the scholarships and grants on this very helpful site. The scholarships and grants found on this site are divided into three different categories: state scholarships, federal grants and general scholarships. All of the grants that you find on this site are designed specifically for students who live in North Carolina.

NCSEAA- The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority is always looking to help students fulfill their dreams to go to college. They are currently partnered with some very big scholarship programs so the NCSEAA site that we have provided is an excellent resource to go scholarship hunting on. With around 20 different scholarship programs being offered to visitors it is hard to not find a scholarship that you aren’t interested in applying for with the NCSEAA.


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