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There are many types of scholarships out there and so many categories that we believe it would be advantageous to break them down for the ease of searching. This page provides a list of scholarships broken down by minorities.  One of the things you will learn if you visit our website and read about scholarship tactics is that to be successful in playing the scholarship game….well its not really a game….but there are some ground rules that are important to know.  Anyway, one of the significant things you will learn is that numbers matter.  This can be best translated in terms of how many scholarships you can wrap your arms around because the more you have to apply for, the greater you chances are for winning.

It really boils down to an equation for those soon to be math majors.   Since scholarships come come in all forms such as general scholarships, merit based scholarships, sport scholarships, local scholarships, national chapter scholarships, and many other category types, the probabilities of winning the award will vary.  It will depend on factors such as how well known the scholarship is, the talent pool they are drawing from, the region from which the scholarship originates, and of course the potential scholarship recipient.

But when you boil it all down, you are left with a probability for the whole lot of them which is around 10:1.  This essentially means that for every ten scholarships you apply for, you probably will win one. So you play these numbers out and you see where I am going with this.  You want to leverage every prospect to its fullest.  So if you are a fit for a potential scholarship offering, then go after it.  That is what this section of the site is about.  If you qualify for a  minority scholarships, then by all means apply. All of the following information is about minority women scholarship opportunities. Enjoy!

Scholarships For Women By Minority