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Chances are, if your going to college you will have to be majoring in something.  This is often something you are thinking about while in high school, though I found myself still reflecting on this matter when I had already enrolled in college.  It is not unusual for a student to change their majors several times.  Indeed, an excellent book was written some years ago on this very topic.  I had to read it when I was getting my masters degree.  It was called, “Seasons of One’s Life”, and it talked about how we are often very unprepared to make such an important decision (i.e. selecting our major) when we are so young because we have not lived enough life to really know what work is really about and what we ourselves may really want.  Essentially, most of us learn through a series of experiences and until we have them, it is difficult to put our lessons learned into action.

But let us assume you arrived at our site with all of that stuff about majors all figured out and now you are looking for some scholarship prospects for you to pounce on. Now, the really cool thing about picking certain majors is that scholarships are available for each and every one of those majors. You have engineering scholarships, culinary scholarships, business scholarships and much much more. So, you will see all of the major related scholarships below. We did happen to include information on financial aid and other scholarship opportunities since we feel that everyone’s main goal if they are coming to this site is to obtain financial aid in some shape or form. So, we didn’t just limit ourselves to “major” related scholarships but rather all the scholarships we could find that would suit someone. We hope you enjoy!

Scholarships For Women By Major