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New York is home to many of the best scholarships available for women. So, if you came here in search of scholarship opportunities for residents of the state of New York then you are in luck. We have compiled one of the largest databases of scholarships for women out there so chances are, if you are looking for a scholarship or grant you will be able to find it here.

However, we have decided to step a bit outside the norm and instead of only helping our visitors locate a grant to attend school we have included multiple other financial aid opportunities including: free scholarships, student loans and of course, state specific scholarships.

Obviously, this page is focusing in on those women who are searching for a financial grant in the state of New York. However, if you are looking for grants in other states we have done research and partnered with many of the best colleges in all the other states so be sure to check out our scholarships for women by state page.


New York Grants For Women

New York is one of the best states for giving away scholarships. Since this is only a page on a much larger site we are not able to cover each and every scholarship that is being offered in the state of New York. However, we have been able to locate the scholarships that we believe you have the best shot at winning. We have taken the liberty to list those grants below:

HESC New York Scholarship- You can win up to $5,000 by applying for this grant. You must be a resident of New York, Be a full time student (studying 12 hrs per semester) and have at least a “C” average in school. Make sure you check out the link we have provided to learn about this scholarship in more in-depth detail.

New York Aid For Part Time Study- This is an interesting scholarship that can be won by undergraduate students who are going to school on a part time basis. It hands out $2,000 per year to students going to college in New York. Check out the link we have provided to get a more in depth view of this scholarship.

New York Regents Scholarship- This is a scholarship that was meant to help out the minorities or disadvantaged of New York. Usually, 220 scholarship winners will receive up to $5,000 for this grant. Check out the website we have provided to learn more.

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