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If you are currently living in the South Dakota area then this page may be of particular interest for you. As you take a look throughout our site you may notice that we have added a new section that is aimed at women who live all throughout the United States. We have taken the liberty of doing some intensive research about all the scholarships that are available to women on a state-wide basis. Thus, the page that you see below are our findings.

This particular page is focusing on women in the state of South Dakota however, if you would like a complete list of all the states that we have covered please visit our specialized state page here: Scholarships By State. We do want to make you aware that we aren’t only going to be focusing solely on scholarships offered by the state of South Dakota. Instead, we will be taking a look at the many ways that the residents of that area can obtain the proper amount of funds to attend college. So, we will be looking at things like: free scholarships, financial aid and much much more. However, before we get into that lets talk a bit about the actual scholarships that are being offered to women in the state of South Dakota.

Scholarship Opportunities In South Dakota

In the past it was hard for students to attend school in South Dakota due to their lack of funds. However, this is a problem that has since been remedied. There should be absolutely no reason that you should not be permitted to continue your education past the high school level. We have found that when it comes actually winning a scholarship or getting financial aid you need as many leads as we can give you which is what we aim to do here. All of the scholarships that you see below are for residents of the South Carolina area.

  • The CHS Foundation- The CHS foundation is dedicated to helping those who care about the agriculture section of this country (A very underrepresented portion we might add). You can win up to $1,000 by applying for scholarships found on this site. There are actually a number of scholarships that you can locate here. We counted four different scholarships when we last visited the site. Each scholarship has it’s own specific requirements so it is definitely a good idea to check the link we have provided if you are interested in learning more.
  • AISES Scholarship Program- The American Indian Science and Engineering Society gives away four scholarships periodically throughout the year. Similar to the scholarship mentioned above, AISES also is giving away four different student awards, each with their own requirements. From what we are able to gather, these awards pay out well and it is definitely worth your effort to check them out if you are interested in either engineering or science.
  • South Dakota National Guard Assistance- You must be a resident of South Dakota and also a member of the National Guard to receive this scholarship. Of course, there are a few more requirements then that but to take a look at them all click the link we have provided.
  • Money Matters Search- This is an incredible resource if you are looking to find a student award in South Dakota. It is a site with a list of great awards found in South Dakota. Chances are you can find anything you are looking for here.

And Finally…..

We realize that this is only a page on a large site. We weren’t able to cover all the scholarships that women could potentially apply for. However, we highly encourage you to take a look around the rest of our site. We feel we have created a resource that few sites can rival. We sincerely hope you find what you are looking for.

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