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If you hail from Rhode Island and are interested in obtaining money for school then you may find this particular page interesting. First off, in order to apply for many of the scholarships on this page (there are a few exceptions) you must currently be living in Rhode Island or attending a Rhode Island college. A lot of people fail to realize that obtaining a scholarship isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be. Sure, you will have to put in some work but won’t that work be worth it if you can nab $10,000 to $20,000 for your college tuition? Here at Scholarships For Women Online we have put together a short step by step process on the best way that you can obtain a scholarship. This particular page will be using that method. Lets start by talking about some of the easiest types of scholarships.

Financial Aid Is A Must

After you are done applying for the free scholarships mentioned above we recommend that you sign up for FAFSA. It is a pretty easy sign up process and once you do that you will be eligible to receive money from the government for your schooling. Of course, they won’t pay your entire way through college but they will help you out every semester. After you have done that we recommend that you check out the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority. You can learn all sorts of valuable information there that will help you learn about how to obtain money to pay  for your college experience.

Rhode Island Scholarships

Every state in the United States does a great job of offering college scholarships to their students. However, Rhode Island does an EXCELLENT job of this. There are so many great scholarships available to apply for there that you can really tell that they want to invest in their students future. We have taken the liberty of listing a few of the more popular scholarships found in Rhode Island below:

(Side Note: Remember you must be living in Rhode Island or attending a college there to be eligible to apply for all of the following scholarship offerings).

Rhode Island Foundation- This is a site that we happened to stumble across that probably does the best job of summarizing scholarships on a grade level. They have undergraduate scholarships, graduate scholarships, high school level scholarships and much more. You can visit the link we provided to be taken to the page that labels all of this and provides direct links to the scholarship applications.

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