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One of the things that we found when doing research on scholarships for women was the fact that a lot of our peers failed to provide a list of all the scholarships available on a state by state basis. You see, every single state has specific scholarships that you can apply for that are unique to that state.  Each state has its own peculiar way of making its scholarships known.  Though I think it would be fair to say that is probably the case for all category of scholarships.  When you look at your state and pull up the information of what is available, be assured that what you are reviewing is far from complete.  We only offer a representative sampling.  Now this leads me to another important topic which deals with tactics.  What if I told you to apply for 100 scholarships.  You would probably think that is an absurd notion.

Plain Talk

But lets talk plain here.  If you came here looking for a scholarship, you will find more than 100.  But to win a scholarship, you need to have the number working in your favor which means, yes, identify more than 100, then narrow you list to the top 100.  I know, you must think I am kidding.  No, we are not.  Just read about how and why you can do this when download our free ebook or visit some of our other articles.

State Your Case

So, in an effort to provide more value to our visitors we started putting together a list of scholarships for women in the United States. We do cover financial aid information and many other scholarship opportunities to remain diverse in our “scholarship attack.” We hope this page proves to be a valuable resource and yes…you need to find yourself 100 scholarships to apply for.  If your odds of success or 10:1, you may very well be sittting on a nice pile of money that will come to great aid in arresting some of those outrageous college expenses.  And yes, those expenses are spiraling with each year….maybe that notion of the 100 scholarship Hit list is not sounding so crazy any more!

Scholarships For Women By State