As a woman looking to go to college you must be aware that you are eligible for a number of different scholarships and grants. This can be especially said of the women who hail from Massachusetts. You see, Massachusetts is offering a number of great scholarships to help women students pay for college.

Luckily, you found our site and our large database for scholarships. We have done our best to dedicate this page to those of you who are living in the Massachusetts area and looking for a grant. We typically look at financial aid opportunities like: scholarships, grants, free scholarships, student loans, state scholarships and financial aid. So, make sure you buckle up because this party is just about to get started ;)!

 Scholarships For Massachusetts Women

We know that most of the visitors to our website are women so it is our job to provide you with the best scholarships that we can find. Since this page is mostly dedicated to helping women who are looking for scholarships in the Massachusetts area we are going to list some of the great scholarships that are available in Massachusetts. We do want to say that if you are interested in finding a more diverse selection of scholarships we encourage you to take a look around the rest of our site. We have compiled on of the largest databases of scholarships and grants for women so don’t hesitate to poke around our site.

  • Community Foundation- Every year two undergraduate freshman Massachusetts students are awarded $1,000. The community foundation has set out to improve the life of those who live in Massachusetts and offering scholarships is only one of those ways. Learn more by visiting the link we have provided.
  • AAUW- The American Association of University Women is offering a variety of scholarships. In fact, they offer so many scholarships that you really need to check out their site to find one that suits you (that is how many grants that offer).
  • Women’s Independence Scholarship- If you are a survivor of a domestic violence then you can apply for this scholarship. It offers up to $2,000 per semester to it’s winners but this amount can vary according to a number of factors.

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