Scholarships For Women Over 30


If you are a woman over 30 years of age and are looking to obtain a scholarship to go to college then you came to the right place. One of the hardest things for women above the age of 25 to do is to find a scholarship that will provide the necessary funds to obtain a proper education in a college institute.

However, your life just got a whole lot easier since here at Scholarships For Women Online we have searched the internet for the best college scholarships available to students over 30 years of age. What do you say we get started!

FAFSA Is A Start

First things first, if you haven’t already done it you should go and sign up for FAFSA (The Government Regulated Financial Aid Program). This is probably the easiest way to obtain financial aid if you are serious about attending college. You will find that signing up and applying for FAFSA is less strenuous than applying for other, more complicated scholarships.

Free Scholarships For Women Over 30

We classify “Free Scholarships” as scholarships that you just sign up for and enter a drawing to win a certain amount of money. There are tons of these scholarships available to sign up for so it is just up to you to find them. Here are a few great places to start and then just keep on keeping on.

  • Scholarships For Moms
  • Scholarships For Working Adults
  • Free 10k Scholarship

Discovering Scholarships For Women Over 30

You will find there are many scholarships available for women over 30. One such example is the Talbots Women’s Scholarship. This is a scholarship that is usually awarded to women who are serious about attending college. There will be ten scholarships awarded and only the first 5,000 applicants are processed. So, don’t fall behind and make sure you sign up for this scholarship when you have the chance.

You could also try to visit the following websites and apply for scholarships there: ABWA and PBWA. Both are reputable sources to apply for a scholarship since both are centered around professional business women. Which is perfect for women over thirty.


All in all, applying for a scholarship doesn’t have to be stressful. There are plenty of options available out there, it is just up to you to find them. Please search this site as it is an all encompassing scholarship resource. We recommend that you take a look at the following related pages to gather more ideas on the scholarships you may want to apply for.

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