If you came here searching for scholarships from the state of Missouri then we are here to tell you that you are in luck. Missouri is one of the best states for handing out scholarships so you won’t be disappointed.

This is a statement that is especially true for women. You see, women are often given scholarships that men are not. Yet most women don’t even know this so they don’t even know to apply.

This is where we come in. We have made it our mission to educate all the visitors on our site about the many different scholarships that they may have passed up because they simply didn’t know they existed. We will be discussing a variety of financial aid opportunities including: free scholarships, scholarships for women, state scholarships, financial aid and many more opportunities. However, since this is a page that is mostly dedicated to helping women in Missouri we are going to be focusing on that. With this in mind, lets begin!


Scholarships For Women In Missouri

You are in luck! Missouri is one of the best states for providing scholarship opportunities to students. They are constantly providing scholarships for students who are pursuing special fields that are under-represented. The real challenge when it comes to applying for Missouri scholarships is locating them. This is a problem that we are hoping to remedy. We have had our staff of professionals do some research and pick the very best scholarships that Missouri has to offer and compile them in a database here. The scholarships you see below were the ones that our staff picked as the best to apply for. We hope you enjoy!

Missouri Public Service Survivor- This is an interesting grant that helps children of public service members. If your parent was seriously injured in the line on the job then you are eligible to receive a grant for help to go to school. The amount can vary but you can get a general idea by visiting the link we have provided.

Missouri Bankers Association- This is a particular site that offers three different scholarships. Of course, this site focuses in on students who want to enter the field of banking. Visit the site to learn more about the requirements and the rewards.

Space Grant Consorium- This isn’t really a scholarship but an internship opportunity. In order to find out more about the internship visit the site we have listed.

We realize that there are more scholarships handed out by Missouri but since this is only a small page that can hold so much we have opted to encourage you to take a look around the rest of our site and learn more about the scholarships that you can potentially receive. Remember, you don’t have to look for specific Missouri scholarships but you can look for general scholarships as well.


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