Scholarships For Women Over 40


If you are over 40 and looking for a scholarship chances are you will have a tough time locating one. However, this is where Scholarships For Women Online comes in. Not only have we located scholarships for women but we have also made them extremely easy to access.

Scholarships for women over 40 are available so don’t think you won’t be able to find them. We have done all the work for you already so all you really have to do is click on the link and apply.

FAFSA for Women Over 40

The first thing that we recommend to any woman wanting to attend college is to sign up for FAFSA. If you didn’t already know, FAFSA is a government regulated program that provides financial aid to students wanting to continue their education after High School.  It is a must for you to follow up on as some scholarships will require our have your FAFSA application completed first before making any award decisons.

Free Scholarships For Women Over 40

Another great way to obtain a scholarship is by applying for free scholarships and when you go leverage those opportunities, you are truly picking the low hanging fruit.. Our favorite free scholarship here on Scholarships For Women Online is: Scholarships For Moms. All you have to do is fill out a short form and you will be entered into a drawing for a free $10,000 scholarship. Check out more free scholarships listed below.

  • Scholarship Zone- A free scholarship that pays out over $10,000 to the winner. Apply by opening the link and exploring the opportunity
  • Scholarships For Working Adults- Apply for this scholarship only if you are working and attending college (or plan on attending college) as this will afford you with yet another opporunity to pick up some much needed dollars.

More Scholarships For Women Over 40

  • AAUW- One good scholarship for women is the one offered by the selected professional fellowship. This particular foundation can offer scholarships of around $5,000 to $20,000 if you are thinking of pursuing an education in Grad school.
  • American History of Scholarships For Women- Each year the AHSW gives out a scholarship to a female freshman that has an interest in history. These scholarships can range from around $2000. Click here to learn more: AHSW.
  • Brill Family Scholarship- The Brill Family Scholarship is a scholarship and grant that is awarded to engineering majors that are past their freshman year and have maintained a GPA above 3.0. Each year the scholarship is handed out for $1000. Find out more by visiting their website: Brill Family Scholarship.
  • HOSA- The HOSA scholarship is awarded each year to students that participate in the Health Organization Students of America program in their local high school. The scholarships can go anywhere from $1000-$7000. To learn more click here: HOSA Scholarship


Make sure you browse through our site as we are promoting many helpful scholarships that may prove to be invaluable. Here is a good place to get started:

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