Affording college can be a hassle. Not only does tuition keep rising but in the wake of the state of the economy finding scholarships is that much harder. Luckily, the state officials of Kentucky are aware of this and have set aside a number of scholarships for students.

If you are a woman that is living in Kentucky then you are really in luck as there are multiple great scholarships and grants that have been set aside specifically for your needs. Of course, Kentucky scholarships are great for Kentucky residents but it is our job here at Scholarships For Women Online to make you aware of all of your options and this sometimes means including other types of unique scholarships.

Scholarships For Women In Kentucky

Believe it or not, Kentucky is actually one of the best states for scholarships. The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority is responsible for all the scholarships that are state funded. These state scholarships are given away based on a number of factors including: high test scores, high GPA’s, community service and many more factors. We have taken the liberty of compiling a list of what we consider to be some of the best scholarships found in the Kentucky area.

(The list you see below was hand chosen by our professional staff based on a variety of factors. However, each one of these scholarships were put on this site because we consider them to be the most attainable. Enjoy!)

Inter Energy Scholarship- Each year six undergraduate students who live in Kentucky are awarded $1,000 by Inter-County Energy. Check out the link we have provided to learn what all the application requirements are for this grant of $1,000.

Jackson Energy Scholarship- Yup, we are promoting yet another energy scholarship ;). This one is given away to sixteen undergraduate students in the Kentucky area. Again, it is worth up to $1,000. Visit the site we have provided to learn more about what is required on the application for this grant.

Kentucky Financial Aid- One of the best resources for residents of Kentucky is GoHigher Kentucky. They have put together a scholarship search, a financial aid finder and a school locator. In all reality, this is one of the best resources for Kentucky students looking to go to college, period!

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