Finding a scholarship located in Nebraska isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Luckily, you stumbled across this site so your quest of finding a Nebraska scholarship just got that much easier. Nebraska is trying to retain their students and keep them within the state to attend their colleges.

As a result, they are offering a lot of unique scholarships that you probably need to check out. Since we do realize that your ultimate goal is to obtain the largest amount of money you can to go to school we will be offering a variety of options for you to check out. This will include things like free scholarships, general Nebraska scholarships, financial aid information, helpful sites you need to visit and much more.


Easy Financial Aid Resources

If you haven’t done it already then you should consider applying for FAFSA. This is probably your best bet at obtaining money for your college career. FAFSA is run by the U.S. Department of Education and is charged with providing financial aid for individuals who are in need of it. You can learn more about them by visiting this link:

We also recommend that you check out this Nebraska based financial aid site. You can learn a lot about how financial aid works in the state. You will also be given a link that will take you straight to an application form offered by FAFSA. Visit the Nebraska financial aid site here:

Nebraska Scholarships

As stated above, Nebraska is trying it’s hardest to retain it’s students and that means they are offering some incredible scholarships. You are already a step ahead of a lot of your peers because of the fact that you are out there looking for a scholarship. Just remember, the more scholarships you have in your arsenal to apply for the better your chances of actually winning one is. Lets start you off by taking a look at some of the more popular scholarships in Nebraska.

Lincoln Community Foundation- The LCF has over 50 scholarships available. We have been kind enough to provide a link to their scholarship page where the list all the information you are seeking on the 50 different scholarships they are offering.

American Legion (Nebraska)- This is really a list of Nebraska scholarships. We last counted 6 different scholarships but that number is always changing. The scholarships range from $500 to $1,000. Visit the link we provided to be taken to the application page for each of the scholarships.


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