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This page is a recent addition for us here at Scholarships For Women Online. A lot of our visitors were searching for sport related scholarships.   And why not, as sports are not only a source of fun and fulfilling experiences, they are often in the middle of the scholarship hunt.  Some students will come into college with a sports related scholarship in hand.  That scholarship could be a full or partial scholarship in the sense that more or less of the educational costs are covered and satisfied by the award.

But even with full scholarships, these cost of college will continue to sneak up on you and reach right into your pocket.  I was awarded a tennis scholarship for which I was very grateful, but it was a partial scholarship and while it helped, it only covered perhaps 30% of the total costs.  We hope to point to you to a lot of different scholarships throughout our website and encourage you to check back with us as we will continue to report out on what we find.  But one important lesson for you to take to the scholarship bank of knowledge is that never, ever limit yourself to just one category of scholarships.  Get you hands on as many as possible and go after them.

So, in an effort to keep them happy we put together this page to focus on all the sport scholarships available for women. Obviously, these particular types of scholarships are going to be more competitive than the typical scholarship because you have to please the college scouts or coach in order to get the scholarships. However, we have put together a step by step method that breaks down exactly how you can do this. Check out all the great sport scholarships available for women below and remember to visit our other pages to get a fuller accounting of what is available:

Scholarships For Women By Sport