If you are a woman living in the state of Wisconsin then you are eligible to receive a number of scholarships for college. We are well aware of the situation throughout the U.S. when it comes to paying for college. Typically, there are a few things that you can do to receive the money but usually there are strings attached. For example, a lot of students have to take out student loans to pay for their upper level education.

Now, there is absolutely no problem with this but those students will have to pay those loans back eventually with interest no less. Although, we do agree that there are some situations where student loans should be used we believe that there are easier options that you can try out first. This is why we put together this page, to help the women (and men) of Wisconsin find options to pay for college.

 Wisconsin Scholarships

If you live in Wisconsin then this section of the page is solely dedicated to you. Our professionally trained staff has done very thorough research on this subject and has come up with a list of scholarships that we feel will fit your needs. Thus, all of the following scholarships can only be applied for if you live in the Wisconsin area. We did come across a number of very helpful sites in our search for Wisconsin education awards so we will be sure to also list them below. We do want to make you aware that we have done pages like this one for every state in the United States. If you are interested in looking for scholarships in another state then please visit our scholarships by state section.

Wisconsin Mathematics- If you live in Wisconsin and are enrolled in a teacher education program for mathematics then you can receive this scholarship. $2,000 will be awarded to two students who meet all of the following qualifications: you must be a legal resident of Wisconsin, you must be enrolled in a Wisconsin teacher education program, must have a 3.0 GPA. We have been kind enough to provide a link straight to the site where you can download the application form. Make sure you jump on the opportunity to apply when you can because only two of these $2,000 gems are given out a year.

Environmental Health Scholarship- Are you an environmental health major? Do you live in Wisconsin? If you answered yest to the following questions then this scholarship is perfect for you. Each year $1,000 is awarded to undergraduate students by this group. You must be majoring in environmental health and you must be attending a Wisconsin college. We have provided a link straight to the application form. Simply visit the link we have provided and download the application form on the site the link takes you to.

HEAB Financial Aid Programs- We included this site since it has a more general look at the financial assistance programs throughout Wisconsin. You will find that this site is offering a total of 14 scholarships and student awards to people in the Wisconsin area. You must first have signed up for FAFSA in order to be eligible to apply for these 14 scholarships. Basically, this is one of the best resources you can find if you do live in the state of Wisconsin. Good luck!

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