If you are searching for a scholarship dedicated solely to the state of Maine then we are here to tell you that you are in luck. We have dedicated this page to those of you who live in Maine and are trying to obtain a college education. Whatever your reasons, you are looking for a college scholarship and we are going to help you find one.

You can expect a number of things from us on this page including: information on the most popular scholarships, helpful resources that you NEED to visit, financial aid information that will benefit you and much much more. First things first though!


Scholarships In Maine

Financial aid is a very important thing when it comes to obtaining money for school. This is pretty much your best shot at actually receiving money to attend college with. It would be foolish to think that you could win every single scholarship that you set your sights on. So, you need to have the most options that you can possibly have. As a result, we recommend that you visit this site to learn more about the financial aid opportunities available in Maine:

Popular Scholarships In Maine

In this section you will find the most popular Maine scholarships that we were able to stumble across. If you have read the many scholarship posts we have throughout our site you would realize that there are a lot more scholarships than we feature here but due to a number of factors we are only able to show you the cream of the crop or the very best scholarships that we could find. This section is no different. So, without further ado lets take a look at some of our favorite scholarships located in Maine:

  • Maine Community Foundation- This is a site that offers between $1,000 to $10,000 a year to students who are Maine residents and depend on the Maine Community Foundation.
  • Maine Community College System- This resource was too good to pass up. We basically were able to find a number of incredible scholarships dedicated to Maine students. If you want to see more then click the link we provided.
  • Mitchell Institute- Visit this site to learn more about the Mitchell Institute scholarship program. Each scholarship awarded is around $6,000 and it even has some scholarships for Maine students planning to go to college out of state.

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