Scholarships For Short Females


A scholarship is a grant or special payment that goes toward a person’s education. There are hundreds of scholarships available for people with various qualifications. Some institutions grant scholarships based on academic achievement alone. Other organizations base scholarships on financial need, study interest and other factors.

One scholarship that many people do not know is available is a dwarfism scholarship. This type of scholarship is for people who have growth hormone deficiencies. To qualify for a scholarship, such an individual would need to have a height that is less than four feet and 10 inches tall. Additionally, some institutions may require a letter from a physician.

Scholarships for Little Females

One very popular scholarship for short females is the Little People of America Financial Assistance Program. The program awards an amount of $250 to $1,000 to men or women who are less than four feet and 10 inches tall. This scholarship is open to all individuals regardless of their course of study. Additionally, the applicant does not have to suffer from dwarfism. Applicants who have siblings or parents who do suffer from dwarfism can also apply for assistance. To apply for help, one must fill out an application and send it to the appropriate office.

The Billy Barty Foundation also offers a scholarship to people who are less than four feet and 10 inches in height. The scholarship is $1,000 and the applicant must have a certifiable diagnosis of dwarfism. No other requirements exist for this scholarship. The foundation does not base approval on individual’s academic standings or his or her chosen course of study. One can apply for this program by visiting the Billy Barty Foundation website and e-mailing or calling the appropriate representatives. The phone number and e-mail address of the vice president are on the website.

There are many other scholarships for people who have dwarfism. Anyone who is interested in receiving assistance for his or her education can also speak to his or her prospective school’s financial aid counselor. Many times the schools will know about additional programs and offer assistance. The government is also an excellent place for a person to seek assistance. A person with dwarfism can also benefit from grants that are available for women or people with low income. An aggressive individual can very easily pay for his or her education with the help of special organizations and government assistance programs.

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