College Scholarships For Girls With Green Eyes


There are some very strange scholarships out there. However, perhaps none are weirder than this idea of getting a scholarship because your eyes are green. There is no doubt that having green eyes is certainly a rare trait. Over 58% of the population in the world have brown eyes, 18% have blue eyes and 23% have the allusive green eyes. The real question we are trying to answer here is if having green eyes is enough to win you a scholarship? There are a lot of different view points on this eye color scholarship debate. In fact, we have written up a few posts on the subject. In our post “scholarships for girls with blue eyes” we learned that blue eyed scholarships do not exist. In our post “scholarships for girls with brown eyes” we learned that they don’t exist either. So, will green eyed scholarships be any different?

Green Eyed Scholarships?

In short, no they do not exist. Sadly, you cannot get a scholarship for having green eyes. There could certainly be a need since only 23% of the earths population have green eyes. However, there is currently no scholarship available. This doesn’t mean that eventually could be as scholarship just right now one doesn’t exist. So, where does that leave you?

In our other posts on the topic of eye color we had a few suggestions. For one, we encouraged you to keep looking around for scholarships that you might be interested in. We definitely still think that you should do that and we have put the following list below together to get you started.

  • Scholarships For Women Online- Obviously, we have a very big site. It is practically growing daily since we are finding new scholarships to include in our database. So, we encourage you to go to our homepage and search around for a scholarship you could be interested in.
  • Weird Scholarships- You are looking for a green eyed scholarship. Come on, that is pretty strange. So, in an effort to stay consistent with the weirdness of this particular scholarship take a look at more weird scholarships on the page provided by the link.
  • By Major- What are you going to college for? What do you want to be when you graduate? You can find out if there is a scholarship for your chosen major on this particular page.
  • General College Scholarships- Sometimes we find students are just looking for a general college scholarship to apply for. On this page you can find just that!
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  1. Great article. I am experiencing some of these issues as well..

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