Scholarships For Girls With Brown Hair


You may be surprised to hear this but there are a lot of wacky scholarships out there. Luckily, women can take advantage of these weird scholarships. This is especially true if you are a girl with brown hair. We know it sounds crazy but there are actually scholarships out there designed to accommodate women with brown hair. So, today we decided to put together a list of all the scholarships that you can obtain if you have brown hair.

Scholarship Opportunities for Girls

The first thing that we want to recommend that you do is sign up for financial aid if you haven’t already. It is actually a really easy process and you can go here to find the sign up page. Signing up for financial aid almost guareentees that you will see some form of money for college. Of course, this kind of assistance isn’t as popular as our next offer.

Brown Hair Scholarships

Girls Going Places Scholarship – This one doesn’t discriminate on who has brown hair and who doesn’t it. Instead, it focuses on giving scholarships to 15 girls who demonstrate a knack for entrepreneurship. Over $30,000 is given out each year to the winners to help them achieve their goals. So, if you have brown hair, black hair, blue hair, red hair or purple hair this scholarship can definitely help you.

Girls Soroptomist Scholarship – Over $10,000 will be given to the winner of this great scholarship. If you want to return to school and have a drive to succeed then we recommend this scholarship for you. You need to be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program to obtain this scholarship.

Google Scholarships – Win over $10,000 in scholarships. This is a scholarship for women who want to major in computer science or computer engineering. Finalists receive over $1,000.

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