Unusual Scholarships For Girls


We recently had a visitor contact us trying to learn more about unusual scholarships for girls. So, we figured that we would expand on the weird scholarship offerings out there for women by adding more strange scholarships to our database. However, before we get to the meat and potatoes of this post lets take a look at what an actual unusual scholarship is. There seems to be some confusion at what an unusual scholarship actually is. For the purposes of this site we are going to classify any scholarship that we feel is out of the ordinary or a little strange in the “weird” realm.

Unusual Scholarships For Women

Probably the best way to get a general overview of the many different types of weird college scholarships for women we have added to our database is to take a look at our Scholarships By Weirdness page. Trust us, you are going to find some very unusual offerings throughout that page. A few examples we can think of right now are scholarships for girls with glasses and scholarships for girls with blue and green eyes. However, we are sure you are here to learn more about the scholarships being feature on THIS page.

As stated above, we are only looking at unusual scholarships throughout this page. This means they can be scholarships that are just plain weird sounding or they are scholarships for very unusual reasons. You may be under the impression that there aren’t too many strange scholarships for you to apply for. Well, if you think that then you would be entirely wrong. We have been able to locate quite a few unusual scholarships for girls.

List Of Unusual Scholarships

  • Prom Dress Scholarship- You can’t make this stuff up! Yes, there is actually a scholarship for making a prom dress completely out of duck tape. Basically, the duck tape brand judges will pick the ten best prom dresses and allow the visitors of their site to pick the winner.
  • Potato Scholarship- Hey, it’s not often that you come across a scholarship entirely dedicated to potatoes. However, we came across one and have since added it to our database. $5,000 awaits a student who majors in Agribusiness and tries to help the potato industry (What can we say, these guys are really serious about their potatoes.)

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