Scholarships For Tall Girls – Height Matters!


If you keep up with this site then you may have noticed a few days ago we posted a new page that dealt with scholarships for short girls. So, in an effort to remain on track with our height fad we are going to create a page dealing with scholarships for tall women. Now, if you are a tall woman then you may have always looked at your height as an advantage. In basketball, the tallest person is always one of the most dominant forces on the court. In modeling, there seems to always be a bias towards long slender and sleek tall women (Hey, don’t look at us we didn’t make the rules). Obviously, the general perception is that when it comes to getting college scholarships height doesn’t matter at all, it is what is in your brain and how well you did in school or performed in certain tests. If you were to think those were the keys to getting a scholarship then you would be right up until a certain point. Believe it or not in one scholarships case height plays a major factor.

Scholarships For Tall Women

Yes, there is a scholarship out there being rewarded on height. However, this begs the question ” what height is considered tall for women?” That is a very good question. We personally believe that any woman over 5’8″ can be considered tall in the United States. However, since we are looking at a very select case here since all we really care about is what the scholarship thinks is considered tall. According to Tall Clubs International, the foundation that created the scholarship, for a woman to be considered tall she has to be 5’10″ or above.

If you are below 5’10″ like say 5’9″ and you came here to apply for a tall scholarship don’t get disappointed. While you might not be able to obtain a tall scholarship you will be able to obtain one of the hundreds of other scholarships found throughout this site, just take a look around.

In order to obtain the Tall Clubs International scholarship you obviously have to meet the height requirements but you also have to a number of other things outlined on the link we provided you with above. You have to get a sponsor connected with TCI. In order to do that they give you an opportunity to email a TCI club member that is closes to you.

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