Scholarships For Girls With Curly Hair


Most people assume that when women talk about curly hair all they are talking about is how to style it. Now, while this may certainly be true in some cases in the scholarship realm it could mean something entirely different. Today we are here to find out if one of these “curly haired” scholarships exist. In the case that they don’t exist we can give you advice on which other scholarships you may want to focus on.

Why are we writing a page on something as trivial as having curly hair? Simple, a visitor recently asked us if there were any scholarships for having the best hair style at prom. Now, while we do know of a strange scholarship for having a prom dress we were curious to see if there was indeed a scholarship based on hair style.

Curly Haired Scholarships?

Now, when searching for these allusive scholarships we noticed that there were quite a few people searching for curly haired scholarships in general. So, we did some investigating and we learned a few interesting things. For one, there is no scholarship for having the best hair style at prom or for having curly hair (Sorry :/). However, we did discover that a lot of the women searching for these curly haired scholarships were interested in cosmetology. This gave us the idea to start listing off all the closest related scholarships to having curly hair.

If you aren’t interested in these close related cosmetology scholarships then don’t leave just yet. You can always look around our database for more scholarship ideas. Since you are looking for some strange scholarships (Come on, scholarships for curly hair anyone?) we suggest you take a look at our weird scholarships for women tab. If you are ready to see these types of curly haired scholarships then check them out below:

  • Starting Article On Cosmetology Grants- We want our visitors to be as educated as possible. As a result, we recommend that you read this article first so you can understand how cosmetology scholarships work.
  • Empire Beauty Schools- Financial aid for women interested in starting their career in beauty school. Pretty self explanatory.
  • Dolce Salon And Spa- If your interested in becoming a make up specialist, hair stylist or nail specialist then you might want to take a closer look at this offering. The application form found on this link isn’t too complicated to fill out.

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