Scholarships For Girls With Blue Eyes Don’t Exist


Whatever you have heard on this subject you should forget it. We have seen so many sites mislead their visitors and let them believe that there is currently a scholarship designed for women with blue eyes. While there are a lot of strange scholarships out there no one has created a scholarship that awards on the basis of eye color (unless you are trying to become an eye doctor or something). However, while a lot of our peers are misleading you we want to assure you that if you are in to looking for weird scholarships like the eye color scholarship there are plenty of related scholarships that you will probably be interested in.

Weird Scholarships That Do Exist!

One of the strangest scholarships that we have ever come across awards money to students based on their hair color, specifically blondes. So, we suppose if you have blonde hair AND blue eyes we have a scholarship that you can apply for (UPDATE: The Blonde Hair Scholarship No Longer Exists, read on to learn about more scholarships you can apply for).

Another pretty interesting scholarship has to do with feeding stereotypes. Yes, you did read that right they are actually giving out a scholarship for feeding a stereotype. Here is how it works:

  • Choose A Four Year College
  • Write A 300 Word Essay Describe Your Views On The Students At That Particular College (In other words, what stereotype do you classify them as?)
  • You Have To Be In High School And Maintain A 3.0 GPA

In order to apply for this scholarship you can visit this site: Feeding Stereotypes.

Another pretty interesting way that you can find scholarships that are weird are by listening to what other people are saying. In particular, what are other people people on forums are saying about strange scholarships. We did find one interesting conversation on a forum that we felt was worth linking to. You can get all sorts of ideas here. However, the people on the forum aren’t experts in this field while we are so we want to direct you to our page on weird scholarships. Think of that page as an all in one hub for all the weird scholarships for women. Using that resource you should be able to find a scholarship worth applying for and hopefully it will cure some of your disappointment in learning that there are no scholarships for girls with blue eyes.

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