Scholarships For Girls With Big Feet


It is true, there are a lot of women out there who are searching for scholarships based on their feet size. This brings up a number of interesting questions. Do scholarships for women with big feet exist? If so, what is the scholarship that provides these “big feet awards?” Today we are going to answer all these questions for you and hopefully by the end of the page you will have a plan that you can carry out to get that scholarship that you want so badly. Without further ado, lets begin this big feet journey and find you some scholarships.

Scholarships For Girls With Big Feet Do Exist! Kind Of..

What do we mean by that. How can a scholarship “kind of” exist. Well, it is quite simple really. All you have to do is think outside the box and make a few assumptions. We did look all over the internet and we have been unable to find a scholarship that is specifically handed out based on your feet size. However, that doesn’t mean we gave up that easy. There does happen to be a scholarship out there that is based solely on how tall you are or how short you are. Since, taller people usually have bigger feet than smaller people we assumed that if you are a woman who believes she has big feet then you must be pretty tall. If that is the case then you are eligible for the height scholarship.

Scholarship For Big Feet

So, how tall do you have to be to be eligible for this scholarship. For women specifically you have to be at or above the height of 5’10″. Now, we do realize that this isn’t 100% what you were looking for but it was the best we could do to find a related scholarship to what you wanted. If you happen to be interested in visiting the scholarship page then make sure you click here.

We also happened to write a page on this very subject. So, if you want a more in-depth analysis on the height scholarship we suggest you take a look at our page that specifically covers the topic below. We also decided to include a few more interesting pages that you could possibly find a scholarship that you are interested in. Have fun!

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