Scholarships For Women In Science

If you have ambitions to focus your college career in the field of science then you came to the right place. You see, one of the biggest problems for women who want to get a degree in the science field is the fact that they are unable to afford the rising costs of college.

However, here at Scholarships For Women Online we were able to locate the best degrees that women in science can focus on. Today we are going to start with our free scholarships though.


Financial Aid For Women In Science

As a woman it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to obtain financial aid for your schooling. In fact, your chances are even better if you make it clear that you want to focus on science due to the fact that this is a particularly underrepresented field with regards to women. So, make sure you keep this in mind when trying to obtain financial aid.

Scholarships For Women In Science

  • AWIS- The Association For Women In Science offers a number of scholarships and grants to women. If you are looking for help with college then chances are the AWIS can help you. Make sure you visit their site to obtain more information on the requirements to apply for their scholarships.
  • UNCF Science Scholarships- This is a particular scholarship site that is designed for African Americans. If you are an African American woman looking to obtain a scholarship for your research in the science field then this is the place you want to go. Each scholarship will give you up to $35,000
  • List Of Science Scholarships- Of course, there are a vast amount of science scholarships available. So, if you want a comprehensive list of science scholarships then this is the site that we recommend to go to.


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