Biology Scholarships For Women


Biology is a very popular subject that women tend to gravitate towards. We have written this post to help women who are interested in obtaining a degree in biology. You can do a lot with a biology degree. For example, biology majors have been known to work in hospitals, zoos, aquariums and labs. However, before you can embark on your biology career you must obtain your degree. Unfortunately for some, we live in a society that puts extra emphasis on schooling. This is unfortunate because the cost of college is higher than it has ever been. Some of the brightest minds out there aren’t granted the opportunity to obtain a college education because they simply can’t afford it. Luckily, we are going to help you today to find a number of different financial aid opportunties and scholarships that you can use to pay for your college tuition. Take a look below:

Scholarships For Women In Biology

We always advise our visitors to sign up for FAFSA before they go out looking for a scholarship. There is no guarantee that you will win a scholarship. However, the same cannot be said about FAFSA as it is the closest thing you get to guaranteed money for college. FAFSA was created by the United States Department of Education to help college students afford the rising costs of tuition. The sign up process isn’t too complicated and we know people that have gone to school on FAFSA alone so it is definitely worth checking out.

Scholarships in the field of biology aren’t terribly hard to find. You can do a simple Google search and see that for yourself. However, where we feel we stand out from our peers is that we do a scan of all the scholarships and pick and choose the very best that, that particular field has to offer. In this case we took a look at all the scholarships relating to science and chose the ones that we thought women would have the best chance to win. There is no exact “science” to it. We simply poured our heart and soul into finding the very best biology scholarships for you. Check them out:

  • Dr Nancy Foster Scholarship- This is a scholarship for female students who show an interest in the field of science. No, this scholarship alone won’t pay for your college tuition alone but it certainly can pay for a big chunk of it. We actually went a step further and found a link to the actual scholarship application form. You can visit the site itself and learn more about the scholarship itself.
  • American Public Health Association- The Get Ready Now! Scholarship is one of the most popular in the health field. Write an essay and have a chance to win this great education award. Good luck!

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