Culinary Scholarships For Women

Welcome to Scholarships For Women Online. Here we have tried to create a resource that all women can refer to if they are trying to obtain financial aid for college. As a result, we have compiled one of the most comprehensive lists of scholarships for women on the net. Today we will be focusing on culinary scholarships.

However, before we start discussing that we always like to mention the free scholarships available for women to apply for. Now, these are probably the easiest type of scholarships that you can obtain (which coincidentally will help you pay for your culinary education). You can see that list below:

Searching For Culinary Scholarships For Women

As a general rule, the culinary field does not make as much as higher paying fields. So, students are more likely to default on their student loans. As a result, students are having to turn to scholarships and grants to cover the costs of their college tuition. Luckily, there are a lot of great culinary scholarships available out there for women to apply for. We have taken the liberty to list the culinary grants that we believe you have the best shot at obtaining. Enjoy!

Cream Of The Crop- The cream of the crop scholarship offers 20 scholarships and grants to students. Those who are pursuing a bachelors degree will receive $20,0000 and those who are pursuing an associates degree will receive $10,000. In order to apply for this particular grant you are going to have to maintain a 3.5 GPA.

Robert W. Hiller Scholarship- For those who have demonstrated a passion for the pastry field you may be interested in this grant. A $1,000 scholarship will be granted per year to the student who can best show career dedication. Visit the site to apply.

AAC- The American Academy of Chefs is also handing out a scholarship. Make sure you visit the site to learn more about the application process and the requirements.

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