Engineering Scholarships For Women

If you are searching for engineering scholarships then you came to the right place. This particular page is dedicated to helping women who want to become engineers. As you are probably aware, the rising cost of tuition is causing many women problems. As a result, multiple scholarships and financial aid opportunities have been created to help.

Today we are going to be focusing on those of you who are planning on becoming an engineer. We will discuss multiple options such as free scholarships, student loans and engineering related scholarships. Of course, this is only a page on a much larger site so we do recommend that you take a look around and see if any of our other scholarships are of interest to you. With this in mind, lets begin!


Student Loans For Women In Engineering

Student loans are always an alternative to scholarships. Of course, one of the biggest problems that students who look for student loans have is actually locating one. Here at Scholarships For Women Online we have found a service that can do it for you. It is actually very similar to the free scholarships above since all you have to do is locate the college you are attending (or plan on attending), fill out some basic information and you will be presented with a list of the best student loans. If you are interested in learning about the student loan service click the link below:

SimpleTuition – the smart way to choose student loans

Engineering Related Scholarships

There are actually quite a few engineering specific scholarships available. We have taken the liberty of locating only the very best engineering scholarships. You can see that list below:

  • Alwin B. Newton- Each year over $3,000 is given to an undergraduate or graduate student who is studying engineering in college. Visit the site to learn more.
  • ASME- The American Society of Mechanical Engineers gives out scholarships to 12 undergraduate students worth $1,000. Learn more by visiting the site.
  • Plastic Pioneers Scholarship- You can earn up to $1,500 since each year 30-40 students are granted with the money from the PPS.


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