Scholarships For Women In Nursing

If you are ever planning on obtaining a degree in the nursing field then we are here to tell you that you are in luck. You see, here at Scholarships For Women we have compiled one of the most comprehensive lists on the net regarding to grants for women.

This particular section of the site will be focusing on the your best options for obtaining a scholarship in the nursing field. We have gone through the internet and found the very best scholarships for nurses. Of course, we always like to start our potential nursing students out with the easiest scholarships to apply for. So as a result, we are going to start by talking about the free scholarships available to obtain.

Women In The Field Of Nursing

If you are currently planning on attending college and focusing on the field of nursing then the following scholarships may be of interest to you.  We encourage you to take a deep dive into some of these scholarship options in order that you can strengthen you financial picture.  Remember to take in some o the other ideas we pass on in other articles.  Take a look below to get started down the right path!

  • AACN- Each year 50-100 juniors and seniors are awarded a $1,500 scholarship if they are a part of a BSN credited nursing program. Take a look at their homepage to learn more about this grant.
  • Abbot Scholarhsip- If you are an undergraduate or graduate student then you may be interested in the scholarship. Each year one grant of $2,500 is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student who is a member of the ANNA (American Nephrology Nurses Association).
  • National Nursing Scholarship- You can win up to $250 from this scholarship. Each year it is given to 4 college students who are currently in a nursing program. Check out the site to learn more.

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