Architecture Scholarships For Women

Architecture is one of the the oldest professions in our history. It was architects that constructed something as beautiful ancient Greece and the Colosseum. It was architects that constructed some of the most beautiful sites in modern day such as the tallest tower in the world located in Abu Dubai. Now, what if you had an architecture idea that could potentially change the world but you didn’t have enough money to go to college? Well, this is a situation that we are going to remedy because today we are going to take a look at some of the top architecture scholarships for women.

Scholarships For Women In Architecture

We are not going to sugar coat this. Architecture programs can be quite competitive which usually means that getting a scholarship can be challenging. Really, the best chance you have of winning money is to compile a list of the top scholarship programs in architecture and mass apply for scholarships. Obviously, you cannot expect to win a single scholarship. However, you might have a different view if you applied for ten different architecture scholarships. We can get your list started just take a look below:

  • American Architectural Foundation- This is really a resource for you to take a look at more than anything. On their site you can locate things like news, programs and photos of top architectural marvels. It is definitely worth looking at.
  • American Institute Of Architecture Students- One thing that is always important to know is the most up to date information on architecture. This is a site you can count on to give you that. Not to mention, the many different scholarship opportunities on their site. Find scholarships for students in high school, women or just plain old college students.
  • Iowa State University Architecture Scholarships- Iowa state is one of the top schools for architecture. As a result, they have compiled a large amount of scholarships and grants to help their students afford the tuition. The link we provided will take you to their scholarship page where you can find information on the subject. However, if you have trouble finding a scholarship then do a Google search for Iowa State architecture scholarships and you should be able to find them that way. Good luck!

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