Athletic Scholarships For Women


If you play a sport in high school and you have a passion for it then you may have considered obtaining a scholarship for it. Now, we will be the first ones to tell you that it is no easy task to get an athletic scholarship. However, we hope that if you follow the advice on this page you will be able to raise your chances for getting a scholarship. We will also include a few free easy scholarships that you can apply for. Of course, these scholarships aren’t sport related but you can apply for them none the less and diversify your scholarship portfolio. In fact, lets take a look at those free scholarships right now!

Sports Scholarships for Women

Overcoming Gender Issues

It used to be that men received the majority of sports related scholarships. Women were often left out as it was rare to obtain a woman related scholarship in this field. However, we are happy to announce that times have changed. Since the introduction of Title IX the opportunities for women to receive an athletic scholarship have greatly increased. The Title IX prevents any sex discrimination when it comes to scholarships in activities such as sports.

Athletic Scholarships

Obviously, the million dollar question here is what do I have to do to obtain an athletic scholarship. Well, there are a number of things that you have to do. Obviously, each of the points we are about to make will vary due to the sport you are trying to obtain a scholarship in. Generally, you have to be a good student, role model and you have to have athletic ability. We have actually put together a page that covers what is required of you on a sport by sport basis. So, we highly recommend that you check out that page here: Women’s Sports Scholarships.


If upon reading this page you have lost some motivation to go after an athletic related scholarship then we suggest that you take a look around the rest of our site. Just because you no longer want to obtain an athletic scholarship doesn’t mean you should completely give up on the rest of the scholarships available for you. Good luck!

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