Volleyball Scholarships For Women


You may notice that as you look around our site we are one of the top authorities on scholarships for women. We pride ourselves for finding legitimate scholarships and providing that information to our visitors in a clear and effective manner. However, we will say that one area we have yet to get into great detail with is sports scholarships. Well, that is all about to change today as we will be taking a look at some very popular volleyball scholarships for women. Today we will be taking an in-depth look at exactly what volleyball coaches are looking for in a player.

Volleyball Scholarships for Women – The Basics

Currently, there are over 1,670 volleyball programs throughout the United States. An important thing to note here is that only full tuition scholarships are available for women. Obviously, your goal is to catch a coaches attention and make them offer you a full ride scholarship. We will be the first ones to tell you that if you are only looking to go to college and don’t really care for volleyball that much then you should probably not be reading this page but some of the other pages on our site. Volleyball scholarships are among the most competitive scholarships featured on this site. With this in mind, lets take a look at what college coaches are looking for.

Outside Hitters And Blockers

We have decided to make this as easy to comprehend as possible. So, we will be listing all the things that an outside hitter or blocker needs to have to have a shot at winning a scholarship for college.

  • You Need To Be Tall
  • Strong Net Play
  • Consistency At The Net
  • Doesn’t Require A Lot Of Development

Defensive Specialist

Again, we have put all the required skills in list form. If you meet all these requirements then you have a shot at winning a Volleyball scholarship.

  • Height Is Required
  • High Passing Skills
  • Controlled Digs
  • Good Balance And Body Control


College volleyball is very competitive. It is for this reason that the setter has to work the hardest out of all the positions listed above. Check out the required skills in list form below:

  • Height Is A Plus
  • Need To Have That Leadership Quality
  • Hard Working
  • Be able to fit into the 5-1 system or the 6-2 system.

Since this is a site that is focused on helping all women college students find the assistance they deserve you should also check out the rest of our site to see if you qualify for any more scholarships. Good luck!


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