Basketball Scholarships For Girls


It has been your dream since you were a little girl. You have been playing club basketball all your life. You tried out for the basketball team in Jr. High and easily made it. You spent countless hours on the court perfecting your shot hoping to make Varsity in just your freshmen year of high school. You are touted as one of the best basketball players in your county. However, there is only one problem, you don’t know the first thing about getting a scholarship for college.

Well, perhaps our little “scenario” above isn’t 100% accurate because if you were really one of the best basketball players in your county then you would be receiving scholarship offers most likely. However, we think we got our point across in that we want to teach you what you can do to win a scholarship for playing basketball.

Things To Realize

When it comes to scholarships you just have to accept the fact that there are certain things out of your control. You have no control on who is picked on for the scholarship and you certainly can’t waste much energy stressing about it. However, what we like to tell our visitors is that if you really want to maximize your chances of obtaining that great scholarship then only focus on the factors that you can control. With a non-athletic scholarship this usually means getting good grades, volunteering in the community and sprucing up your scholarship application. With sports scholarships this usually means translating that hard work in practice to an excellent player within the games. Focus on how you can become a better basketball player.

One thing that we do want to stress is that no matter how many people tell you how great you are you can’t let it go to your head. You need to keep working and keep going no matter what. College scouts will recognize your sheer will and determination on the court and the scholarship offers will come.

Of course, there always seems to be a few great players that fall through the cracks that scouts don’t see. We would say that you best shot of winning an athletic scholarship for basketball would be to try out for a junior college team. If you are good enough to make it and you perform well in the games the coach may bring you on to the team by offering you a scholarship.

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