Women’s Rowing Scholarships


Rowing is very unique when it comes to scholarships. We have found that rowing scholarships are quite rare and really depend on the school. A school with a rowing team may be offering a few scholarships. However, if they are in a state or country where rowing isn’t one of the top sports then those scholarships will be very weak or will be very limited. The best example we can think of to describe this is a school that has both a rowing team and a football team. Sure, rowing may get a few spectators per event. However, it is nothing close to what the football team brings in. Thus, you need to choose a school very wisely when it comes to rowing.

Rowing Scholarships For Women

Rowing teams are generally made up of twenty students. This means two things. For one, your chances of getting a full time rowing scholarship is very low. It is sad but it is the truth. Secondly, the scholarships for a rowing team are very limited by nature. Don’t let this discourage you fully though. If you are even a decent team member then you have a real shot at winning a partial scholarship. Sure, the partial scholarship may not cover every expense but it sure as heck will help. Right now rowing is a male dominated sport. However, it is beginning to grow larger in women’s sports. This is a very good thing if you are a woman looking to get a rowing scholarship. Why? Simple, more and more colleges will be looking to hand out scholarships and more foundations and programs will be created to give scholarship money to women who show an interest in rowing.

This is usually the part of the page where we list all the great scholarships available for you women rowers out there. However, since this is a very unique case we are unable to do so. This is because rowing scholarships are handed out by schools and since we have no clue which school you want to attend we cannot lend you our expertise other than these tidbits:

  • If you want a rowing scholarship and you want to keep that scholarship you are going to have to have a good GPA. If you want to maintain that scholarship you have to keep that GPA up.
  • Walk on scholarships are much easier to obtain in the sport of rowing. So, train hard and give rowing your best shot at your chosen school.
  • If you were on a rowing team in high school then you already have experience with the sport of rowing. Take an extra step and see if anyone is willing to sponsor you or give you scholarship money. You might be surprised to hear that quite a few places want in.

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