Tennis Scholarships For Girls


If you are looking for a tennis scholarship then you came to the right place. If you are like most girls gunning for a tennis scholarship then there are a number of things you need to know. It is extremely hard to get a scholarship to a Division One school. Most girls hoping to be chosen never make it. However, if you are one of the top ranked high school girls in the nation you should have plenty of college offers. However, we are going to gear this page towards girls who want a college education but can’t quite make the cut to Division One yet. If this sounds like you then don’t worry we have a strategy that you can use to get a scholarship. Rather than be a small fish in a big pond you can become the big fish in the small pond and work your way up from there.

How To Get A Scholarship In Tennis

There are generally three different tiers of tennis entities in college: Division One, Division Two and Junior Colleges. Each entity gives out scholarships every year. So, what is the difference between them? Simple, the competition in Division One exceeds the competition in Division Two. Obviously, the competition in Division Two exceeds that of the Junior Colleges. So, how can you break in to the competitive college scene of tennis? As stated above, start small and work your way up. Shoot for a Division Two school or Junior College. Getting a scholarship there is far easier than at the big Division One schools.

Ok, That’s Great But How Do I Get One?

We have laid out the foundation of “the plan” that we are recommending above. However, we have yet to go into how you can actually obtain these elusive tennis scholarships. Scholarships like this are more based on performance than anything else. However, don’t let the performance part fool you completely. College tennis programs also look at things like grades and extracurricular activities as well. However, we will admit that performance has the most to do with winning one of these scholarships. So, what type of skills do you need?

  • Strong Service Game
  • Strong Presence At The Net
  • Overall Athletic Movement
  • Stamina
  • Patience
  • Heart
  • Strong Ground Strokes

If you do all the things on the list very well on a consistent basis then your chances of winning a scholarship will be very good. If you need to work on a few of the things above then do so. Work hard and hopefully you have enough time to make some substantial improvements.

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