Scholarships For Young Mothers

Of all the scholarships that are handed out each year one can argue that it is the mothers who deserve them the most. This is especially true of young mothers. Not only do they have a family to contend with and supply for but they also have to worry about the growing cost of college if they have chosen to go. It is for this very reason that we are going to focus on talking about scholarships designed for young mothers today. However, before we get started we feel it is important to mention a few things.

First off, all of the scholarships that you see on this page were hand picked by professionals and chosen from an even larger list. These scholarships are the best of the best and were picked for a reason. Of course, the scholarships and grants that you see here are not the only ones that are being promoted on our site.

Young Mother Scholarships

You will notice that the following scholarships are all designed specifically for young women. Of course, some of the scholarships can be a bit limiting. However, these are the top flight scholarships when it comes grants for mothers. Enjoy!

Arkansas Single Parent Fund- If you are a single parent and have primary custody of one child then you are eligible to apply for this grant. However, you must not have obtained your bachelors degree. Make sure you visit their site to learn about the rest of the application requirements.

Patsy Mink Foundation- If you are a low income mother then you are eligible for this grant. In 2010, the Patsy Mink Foundation awarded five grants of $2,000 to the winners. Again, visit the site to learn more.


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