Seeking International Scholarships For Women

When seeking opportunities to advance one’s education, women should not just limit their academic experiences to only to regions around their immediate area. Part of learning is to branch out and explore other areas of the country and for that matter, other areas of the world. Often, to afford to do either, it is necessary to obtain a scholarship.  The more types of scholarships you consider, the greater the chances are that you can find the necessary money to advance your education.

Throughout our website, we attempt to steer you in the direction of many scholarship offerings.  We firmly believe that you will more easily succeed in achieving your eduction goals if you need not have to worry where the next buck may come.  To that end, as you think about possibly becoming an international student and acquiring an incredible experience interacting with other students quite different then what you have experienced before, give careful consideration to some of the scholarships we seek to bring to your attention.

Women Taking Advantage of International Scholarships

International scholarships for women can work both ways.  In those cases where women outside of the United States are seeking to pursue their college education, there are support organizations they can explore.  One example is the Margaret MacNamara Memorial Fund which is targeted at women born internationally before 1970.  This program has tried to help women in need, particularly from those from third world countries.

Another organization is the World which is a non-profit organization that provides support to disadvantaged students who are actively pursuing the arts (e.g. painting, graphic arts, media, etc).  The World Studio AIGA scholarships make up some of the offerings that are made available to minority students.

If you are in the other camp where you wish to study abroad, there are several scholarship prospects you should take a good luck at.  The American Association of University women is one resource you should consider.  Also, AMIDEAST Education Abroad offer scholarships ranging from $500 – $2000.  Another candidate you should investigate is API Study Abroad Scholarships which distributes about $335,000 in education awards to deserving students.  While you are at it, take a look at Boren Scholarships and Fellowships which is aimed at helping students benefit from experiencing different cultures.  The DAAD is a German academic exchange service that supports U.S women and then there is also the Fullbright scholarships and grants you can take a look at.

There are countless way in which you can investigate how to qualify and win scholarships that can help you gain a better footing in a new culture and/or new country.  For some students, the breadth and scope of their education does not simply reside within the university setting or the classes they attend, but its in the joy of experiencing how to live your life in an altogether different environment which may be one of the best learning laboratories you will every experience.

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