Government Scholarships For Women

You will realize that as you continue your journey to obtain money for your education that there are a lot of different places you can find scholarships. You can look at major specific scholarships, minority specific scholarships, scholarships from independent programs and even scholarships from the government. Today we are going to be looking at the last selection, government scholarships.

We can honestly say that scholarships given by the government are among the strongest type that are out there. The government’s education department has a deeper pocket compared to any other entity out there. Thus, the scholarships that are given by the government tend to be larger than those given by an independent entity.

Financial Aid – The First Step

We know that you have heard it a million different times. However, today you are going to hear it one more time. Since this is a page about GOVERNMENT scholarships for women we would be dumb not to include a small section about FAFSA. You need to consult with your chosen college so you know when you need to file your FAFSA form. Each college has different deadlines. Of course, FAFSA isn’t the only entity that can help you find financial aid. We decided to include a few of our other favorite financial aid finding sites for you to take a look at.

Government Scholarships

It is pretty cool to finally find that one resource that has all the scholarships you are looking for. Our goal is to help you find that resource. Below you will find all the information we have on popular scholarship resources recommended by the government. This doesn’t mean they are associated with the government but they are top resources that have a bit more information about scholarships.

  • FastWeb- Probably the premier scholarship search engine out there. A scholarship search engine is a site that has so many scholarships that you can literally search for them like a search engine. There is only one other search engine that we have deemed as good as this one. You can find that one below.
  • This is the other search engine we are talking about. Really, FastWeb is our favorite search engine but it isn’t as in-depth as has proved to be.
  • American Association For University Women- What more can we say about this one. A site for women that has everything they need.


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