Undergraduate Scholarships For Women

At one time it may have been uncommon for a woman to get a scholarship. Luckily, times have changed and we live in a society that advocates scholarships for women. Without a doubt, the most common scholarship that is handed out are those that are handed out to undergraduate women. You see, there are two types of scholarships, undergraduate scholarships and graduate scholarships. Undergraduate scholarships are scholarships given out to students just entering college. Typically, you are an undergraduate the first four years of your college experience. Graduate studies occur after undergraduate studies. For the purposes of this page we will be focusing on undergraduate scholarships.

Scholarships For Undergraduate Women

Most scholarships exist with the sole purpose of guiding you towards a career in something. For example, an undergraduate scholarship in science was designed to push you towards a career in science. While this may be annoying to some students we are here to tell you that this can actually work in your advantage. There are so many different scholarships out there that you can literally choose an area that you are interested in and pursue a scholarship in that field. Remember, scholarships on this site are designed to help you. The scholarship providers want you to succeed so they can inspire others to join their cause and put more women in the spotlight.

Examples Of Undergraduate Scholarships

Without a doubt, undergraduate scholarships are the most common scholarships that are given out to women. It is not hard to find one but the real trick is knowing what to do to win one. Anyone can put together a list and apply blindly hoping to somehow win money for college. The trick is being able to put together a list of QUALITY scholarships. Not all scholarships are worth applying for due to a number of reasons. Some undergraduate scholarships may be too competitive. Others may have nothing to do with what you are interested in. So, in order to appeal to all the visitors of our site we put together a list of uncomplicated, uncompetitive undergraduate women scholarships for you to apply for. In short, we did all the hard work for you so all you have to do is apply for the college grant you are interested in.

Engineering Scholarships- A large portion of scholarships for women are given to promote the field of engineering. This is the ultimate resource for undergraduate scholarships in engineering. It might be worth checking out if you are interested in the field.

Fatomei Scholarship Directory- Believe us, we don’t put directories on this site very often. However, we had to make a special case for this site because of the extreme attention to detail it went into when obtaining information on undergraduate scholarships for women.


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