Full Ride Scholarships For Women

In the world of scholarships there is absolutely nothing better than a full ride scholarship. Think about it for a moment. There is a scholarship out there that can cover all of your tuition costs for four years without you having to pay a dime. As you can imagine, full tuition scholarships are quite competitive and usually are based on merit, meaning that in order to obtain them you have to do something like be a star athlete or be in the top of your class. This is an article on how you can obtain the best full ride scholarships if you are a woman.

A little About Full Ride Scholarships

The most common type of full ride scholarship would be academic scholarships. A number of criteria is taken into consideration when these scholarships are given out. Some colleges place more emphasis on your high school GPA while others reward students for having a high score on the SAT or ACT. They also take factors such as extracurricular activities, community volunteer work and a written essay into account. As stated above, the second common full tuition scholarship is handed out to athletes. These can be even more competitive as it is your play directly on the field that affects your standing for the scholarship. Probably the best way to obtain this type of scholarship is to impress the coach at the college with your work ethic, your fearless playing style and your will to win.

The Full Ride Scholarships

It would be foolish to adopt a mindset that there is a full ride scholarship out there for you right now. There are a limited supply and they are extremely competitive. However, we don’t want that to discourage you. They are still worth taking a look at. So, this section we have dedicated to giving you all the information we have on full ride scholarships.

  • USDA National Scholars Program- This is a popular full ride scholarship that has been in existence since 1890. In order to obtain this scholarship you have to meet the following criteria: U.S citizen, High GPA, High ACT & SAT scores and complete an essay.
  • Hatton Summers Scholarship- Is a nationally recognized full tuition scholarship. This is a very prestigious scholarship that limits it’s eligibility only to residents in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri and Louisiana. What sets this scholarship apart is the fact that it is renewable meaning each and every year you can get the full tuition.


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