Scholarships For Women With Disabilities

If there was one group of women who deserve a scholarship more than anyone it would be women who with a disabilities. Think about it, if you have a disability that is so severe you aren’t able to work or save money up for college then a scholarship is really your only choice. Luckily, students with disabilities qualify for a number of very unique scholarships. Of course, female students with disabilities can always apply for a regular scholarship on top of their disability scholarship. It is really key for disadvantaged students to take advantage of every opportunity they can get their hands on.

More On Disabilities

We wish we had the ultimate advice for you that would guarantee that you get a scholarship each and every time. God knows, students with disabilities need them. However, the scholarship world doesn’t work that way. You pretty much have to prove to foundations or scholarship sites that you are a worthy candidate for the scholarship. The best way to do this is with rock solid grades and volunteer work. Although we are sure that the scholarship foundations will cut you some slack for not volunteering as much due to your disabilities.

The real sad part about students with disabilities is that they are often overlooked. Sure, there are a lot of scholarships for minorities out there. There are even scholarships specifically designed for women. However, it is a shame that there aren’t as many disability related scholarships. Of course, we are definitely not saying that these types of scholarships are extinct. All we are saying is that there should be more of them. However, below you will be able to find the scholarships for women with disabilities that we have been able to find thus far.

Disability Scholarships

  • The Ethel Louise Armstrong Scholarship- Designed specifically for women with a disability. Unfortunately, it is only for women who are going to the graduate level. So, you undergraduates out there cannot apply for this grant. The main goal of the scholarship is to encourage women to overcome barriers.
  • Government Scholarships- is one of the best sites for learning about the opportunities that await you if you have a disability of some sort. Find financial aid information, learn about your rights, learn about job opportunities and so much more. Take advantage of what the Government is offering you.

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