Scholarships For Jewish Girls

Now-a-days, it is getting more and more popular to find scholarships being handed out based on religious beliefs. Of course, not every scholarship is going require certain religious beliefs. However, those that are found on this page will require you to be practicing Judaism. Judaism certainly has a rich history and as a result multiple scholarships have been formed to honor that history. Today we are just going to be focusing on those scholarships that are only available for Jewish women.

Of course, a lot of the requirements for Jewish scholarships are like those of other scholarships. You still need to have an excellent community presence. You still need to have a high GPA and you still need to a fair amount of extracurricular activities. The amount that scholarships for Jewish girls hand out depends on a number of factors. We had our writers locate the three best scholarships for Jewish girls and provide links to each. You will be able to find those scholarships below. Good luck!

Jewish Scholarships

  • Esther Wollin Scholarship- If you are Jewish, and were raised in a single parent household then you might think this scholarship is perfect for you. In order to win this scholarship you have to be a resident of New Jersey. The scholarship itself is worth $2,500 so that is a very good amount. We recommend that you visit the site we provided to gain more insight to how the scholarship actually works.
  • Doris Ruben Memorial Scholarship- Not an overly pricey scholarship. While it only pays out $200 it is definitely worth putting on your list of scholarships to apply for. There are a number of requirements for this scholarship. For example, you have to have graduated in the top 50% of your class. You have to have maintained at least a 2.5 GPA and you have to have gotten at least a 19 on your ACT score. The link we provided you with will take you to a page that outlines the deadline and where to go to apply.
  • Jewish Vocational Service- This one is kind of a big deal. College students who are Jewish can be rewarded with this scholarship. Each year over $500,000 is given to Jewish students who go to school full time in the Chicago area. Visit the website we provided a link to, to get more insight on the many different scholarships that are being provided.

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